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rclone is a great tool to backup, copy, sync files to the cloud encrypted and without the client installed on the local machine.

What Where
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Install Linux curl | sudo bash

Restore rclone.conf

Run this command to find out where your rclone.conf file is.

rclone config file

If you installed rclone and didn't configure anything yet you will get this information

Configuration file doesn't exist, but rclone will use this path:

else, rclone will repond as follows:

Configuration file is stored at:

Be sure to backup this file so you restore it (overwrite it or partcially update).

If you restore a file you may need to refresh the token(s) you are using.

Run the following command todo so e.g. for connection call "onedrive":

rclone config reconnect onedrive:

The process will walk though parts of the steps you did whenever you set up this connection. ONce done the connection should work again.