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Yet another not complete list of random codes.

Morse code

a: .- B: -... C: -.-. E: . F: ..-. G: --. H: .... I: .. J: .--- K: -.- L: .-.. M: -- N: -. O: --- P: .--. Q: --.- R: .-. S: ... T: - U: ..- V: ...- W: .-- X: -..- Y: -.-- Z: --.. 1: .--- 2: ..--- 3: ...-- 4: ....- 5: ..... 6: -.... 7: --... 8: ---.. 9: ----. 0: -----



Ten-Code) Procedure Word
10-0 Use Caution
10-1 Unable to copy – change location
10-3 Stop transmitting
10-4 Roger
10-5 Relay
10-6 Busy
10-7 Out at...
10-8 Clear
10-9 Say again
10-12 Stand by
10-13 Weather report/road report
10-15 Disturbance
10-17A Theft
10-17B Vandalism
10-17C Shoplifting
10-18 Urgent
10-19 Return to...
10-20 Location
10-21 Call...
10-22 Disregard
10-23 On scene
10-25 Meet...or contact...
10-26 Detaining subject, expedite
10-27 Drivers License information on...
10-28 Registration information on...
10-29 Check for wanted on...
10-31A Burglary
10-31B Robbery
10-31C Homicide
10-31D Kidnapping
10-31E Shooting
10-38 Traffic stop on...
10-42 Off duty
10-44 Request for...
10-46 Assist motorist
10-49 East bound green light out (etc.)
10-56 Drunk pedestrian
10-63 Prepare to copy
10-70 Fire
10-74 Negative
10-76 En route...
10-77 ETA (Estimated time of arrival)
10-78 Request assistance
10-79 Notify coroner (to be done by phone whenever possible)
10-80 Chase
10-89 Bomb threat
10-90 Alarm (type of alarm)
10-91 Pick up prisoner
10-92 Parking complaint
10-95 Prisoner in custody
10-97 Check traffic signal
10-98 Prison/jail break
10-99 Wanted/stolen


The International Classification of Diseases (ICD) is a globally used diagnostic tool for epidemiology, health management and clinical purposes maintained by the World Health Organization (WHO). Here are some interesting ICD-10 codes:

  • V96.15 - Accident due to hang glider explosion
  • V95.43 - Accident due to spacecraft collision
  • V80.920 - Occupant of animal-drawn vehicle injured in transport accident with military vehicle
  • W58.12 - Struck by crocodile
  • W56.12 - Struck by sea lion
  • W59.22 - Struck by turtle, subsequent encounter
  • W61.33 - Pecked by chicken
  • W18.11 - Fall from or off toilet without subsequent striking against object
  • W56.32XA - Struck by other marine mammals, initial encounter
  • Y35.113 - Legal intervention involving injury by dynamite, suspect injured
  • W16.22 - Fall in (into) bucket of water
  • S30.870 - Superficial bite of left buttock
  • Z62.1 - Parental overprotection during upbringing
  • Z62.898 - Loss of love relationship in childhood
  • F22 - Delusional disorder: Lycanthropy
  • B04 - Monkeypox
  • D29.0 - Gutartige Neubildung der männlichen Genitalorgane (Penis)
  • V9107XA - Burn due to water-skis on fire
  • Y92146 - Hurt at swimming pool of prison as the place of occurrence
  • Y92253 - Hurt at the opera
  • X52 - Prolonged stay in weightless environment
  • W2202XA - Hurt walking into a lamppost
  • Y93D1 - Stabbed while crocheting
  • A20.0 - Bubonic plague
  • S10.87 - Other superficial bite of other specified part of neck, initial encounter aka vampire
  • W55.2 - Bitten by a cow

PGP word list

Hex Even Word Odd Word
00 aardvark adroitness
01 absurd adviser
02 accrue aftermath
03 acme aggregate
04 adrift alkali
05 adult almighty
06 afflict amulet
07 ahead amusement
08 aimless antenna
09 Algol applicant
0A allow Apollo
0B alone armistice
0C ammo article
0D ancient asteroid
0E apple Atlantic
0F artist atmosphere
10 assume autopsy
11 Athens Babylon
12 atlas backwater
13 Aztec barbecue
14 baboon belowground
15 backfield bifocals
16 backward bodyguard
17 banjo bookseller
18 beaming borderline
19 bedlamp bottomless
1A beehive Bradbury
1B beeswax bravado
1C befriend Brazilian
1D Belfast breakaway
1E berserk Burlington
1F billiard businessman
20 bison butterfat
21 blackjack Camelot
22 blockade candidate
23 blowtorch cannonball
24 bluebird Capricorn
25 bombast caravan
26 bookshelf caretaker
27 brackish celebrate
28 breadline cellulose
29 breakup certify
2A brickyard chambermaid
2B briefcase Cherokee
2C Burbank Chicago
2D button clergyman
2E buzzard coherence
2F cement combustion
30 chairlift commando
31 chatter company
32 checkup component
33 chisel concurrent
34 choking confidence
35 chopper conformist
36 Christmas congregate
37 clamshell consensus
38 classic consulting
39 classroom corporate
3A cleanup corrosion
3B clockwork councilman
3C cobra crossover
3D commence crucifix
3E concert cumbersome
3F cowbell customer
40 crackdown Dakota
41 cranky decadence
42 crowfoot December
43 crucial decimal
44 crumpled designing
45 crusade detector
46 cubic detergent
47 dashboard determine
48 deadbolt dictator
49 deckhand dinosaur
4A dogsled direction
4B dragnet disable
4C drainage disbelief
4D dreadful disruptive
4E drifter distortion
4F dropper document
50 drumbeat embezzle
51 drunken enchanting
52 Dupont enrollment
53 dwelling enterprise
54 eating equation
55 edict equipment
56 egghead escapade
57 eightball Eskimo
58 endorse everyday
59 endow examine
5A enlist existence
5B erase exodus
5C escape fascinate
5D exceed filament
5E eyeglass finicky
5F eyetooth forever
60 facial fortitude
61 fallout frequency
62 flagpole gadgetry
63 flatfoot Galveston
64 flytrap getaway
65 fracture glossary
66 framework gossamer
67 freedom graduate
68 frighten gravity
69 gazelle guitarist
6A Geiger hamburger
6B glitter Hamilton
6C glucose handiwork
6D goggles hazardous
6E goldfish headwaters
6F gremlin hemisphere
70 guidance hesitate
71 hamlet hideaway
72 highchair holiness
73 hockey hurricane
74 indoors hydraulic
75 indulge impartial
76 inverse impetus
77 involve inception
78 island indigo
79 jawbone inertia
7A keyboard infancy
7B kickoff inferno
7C kiwi informant
7D klaxon insincere
7E locale insurgent
7F lockup integrate
80 merit intention
81 minnow inventive
82 miser Istanbul
83 Mohawk Jamaica
84 mural Jupiter
85 music leprosy
86 necklace letterhead
87 Neptune liberty
88 newborn maritime
89 nightbird matchmaker
8A Oakland maverick
8B obtuse Medusa
8C offload megaton
8D optic microscope
8E orca microwave
8F payday midsummer
90 peachy millionaire
91 pheasant miracle
92 physique misnomer
93 playhouse molasses
94 Pluto molecule
95 preclude Montana
96 prefer monument
97 preshrunk mosquito
98 printer narrative
99 prowler nebula
9A pupil newsletter
9B puppy Norwegian
9C python October
9D quadrant Ohio
9E quiver onlooker
9F quota opulent
A0 ragtime Orlando
A1 ratchet outfielder
A2 rebirth Pacific
A3 reform pandemic
A4 regain Pandora
A5 reindeer paperweight
A6 rematch paragon
A7 repay paragraph
A8 retouch paramount
A9 revenge passenger
AA reward pedigree
AB rhythm Pegasus
AC ribcage penetrate
AD ringbolt perceptive
AE robust performance
AF rocker pharmacy
B0 ruffled phonetic
B1 sailboat photograph
B2 sawdust pioneer
B3 scallion pocketful
B4 scenic politeness
B5 scorecard positive
B6 Scotland potato
B7 seabird processor
B8 select provincial
B9 sentence proximate
BA shadow puberty
BB shamrock publisher
BC showgirl pyramid
BD skullcap quantity
BE skydive racketeer
BF slingshot rebellion
C0 slowdown recipe
C1 snapline recover
C2 snapshot repellent
C3 snowcap replica
C4 snowslide reproduce
C5 solo resistor
C6 southward responsive
C7 soybean retraction
C8 spaniel retrieval
C9 spearhead retrospect
CA spellbind revenue
CB spheroid revival
CC spigot revolver
CD spindle sandalwood
CE spyglass sardonic
CF stagehand Saturday
D0 stagnate savagery
D1 stairway scavenger
D2 standard sensation
D3 stapler sociable
D4 steamship souvenir
D5 sterling specialist
D6 stockman speculate
D7 stopwatch stethoscope
D8 stormy stupendous
D9 sugar supportive
DA surmount surrender
DB suspense suspicious
DC sweatband sympathy
DD swelter tambourine
DE tactics telephone
DF talon therapist
E0 tapeworm tobacco
E1 tempest tolerance
E2 tiger tomorrow
E3 tissue torpedo
E4 tonic tradition
E5 topmost travesty
E6 tracker trombonist
E7 transit truncated
E8 trauma typewriter
E9 treadmill ultimate
EA Trojan undaunted
EB trouble underfoot
EC tumor unicorn
ED tunnel unify
EE tycoon universe
EF uncut unravel
F0 unearth upcoming
F1 unwind vacancy
F2 uproot vagabond
F3 upset vertigo
F4 upshot Virginia
F5 vapor visitor
F6 village vocalist
F7 virus voyager
F8 Vulcan warranty
F9 waffle Waterloo
FA wallet whimsical
FB watchword Wichita
FC wayside Wilmington
FD willow Wyoming
FE woodlark yesteryear
FF Zulu Yucatan



Symbol Code word DIN 5009 (2022) IPA ICAO (1950) IPA respelling
A Alfa [sic] ˈalfa ˈælfa AL fah
B Bravo ˈbravo ˈbraːˈvo [sic] BRAH voh
C Charlie ˈtʃali or ˈʃali ˈtʃɑːli or ˈʃɑːli CHAR lee or SHAR lee
D Delta ˈdɛlta ˈdeltɑ DELL tah
E Echo ˈɛko ˈeko ECK oh
F Foxtrot ˈfɔkstrɔt ˈfɔkstrɔt FOKS trot
G Golf ˈɡɔlf ɡʌlf [sic] golf
H Hotel hoˈtɛl hoːˈtel ho TELL
I India ˈɪndia ˈindi.ɑ IN dee ah
J Juliett [sic] ˈdʒuliˈɛt ˈdʒuːli.ˈet JEW lee ETT
K Kilo ˈkilo ˈkiːlo KEY loh
L Lima ˈlima ˈliːmɑ LEE mah
M Mike ˈmai̯k mɑik mike
N November noˈvɛmba noˈvembə no VEM ber
O Oscar ˈɔska ˈɔskɑ OSS cah
P Papa paˈpa pəˈpɑ pah PAH
Q Quebec keˈbɛk [sic] keˈbek keh BECK
R Romeo ˈromio ˈroːmi.o ROW me oh
S Sierra siˈɛra siˈerɑ see AIR rah
T Tango ˈtaŋɡo ˈtænɡo TANG go
U Uniform ˈjunifɔm or ˈunifɔm ˈjuːnifɔːm or ˈuːnifɔrm [sic] YOU nee form or OO nee form
V Victor ˈvɪkta ˈviktɑ VIK tah
W Whiskey ˈwɪski ˈwiski WISS key
X Xray, x-ray ˈɛksrei̯ ˈeksˈrei [sic] ECKS ray
Y Yankee ˈjaŋki ˈjænki YANG key
Z Zulu ˈzulu ˈzuːluː ZOO loo


Symbol Code word English French CCEB 2016 FAA ITU-R 2007 (WRC-07) IMO (French) U.S. Navy 1957 U.S. Army
1 One, unaone WUN /'wʌn/ OUANN [ˈwan] wun wun OO-NAH-WUN OUNA-OUANN wun wun, won (USMC)[24]
2 Two, bissotwo TOO /ˈtuː/ TOU [ˈtu] too too BEES-SOH-TOO BIS-SO-TOU too too
3 Three, terrathree TREE /ˈtriː/ TRI [ˈtri] tree tree TAY-RAH-TREE TÉ-RA-TRI thuh-ree tree
4 Four, kartefour FOW-er /ˈfoʊ.ə/ FO eur [ˈfo.ør] FOW-er fow-er KAR-TAY-FOWER KAR-TÉ-FO-EUR fo-wer fow-er
5 Five, pantafive FIFE /ˈfaɪf/ FA ÏF [sic] [ˈfaif] fife fife PAN-TAH-FIVE PANN-TA-FAIF fi-yiv fife
6 Six, soxisix SIX /ˈsɪks/ SIKS [ˈsiks] six six SOK-SEE-SIX SO-XI-SICKS six six
7 Seven, setteseven SEV-en /ˈsɛv(ə)n/ SÈV n [ˈsɛv.n] SEV-en sev-en SAY-TAY-SEVEN SÉT-TÉ-SEV'N [sic] seven sev-en
8 Eight, oktoeight AIT /ˈeɪt/ EÏT [ˈeit] ait ait OK-TOH-AIT OK-TO-EIT ate ait
9 Nine, novenine[25] NIN-er /ˈnaɪnə/ NAÏ neu [ˈnainø] NINE-er nin-er NO-VAY-NINER NO-VÉ-NAI-NEU niner nin-er
0 Zero, nadazero ZE-RO[26] /ˈziːˈroʊ/ ZI RO [ˈziˈro] ZE-ro ze-ro / zee-ro NAH-DAH-ZAY-ROH[27][28] NA-DA-ZE-RO[27][28] zero ze-ro
00 Hundred HUN-dred /ˈhʌndrɛd/ HUN-dred [ˈhœ̃drɛd] (zero zero) (hundred) hun-dred
000 Thousand TOU-SAND[26] /ˈtaʊˈzænd/ TAOU ZEND [ˈtauˈzɑ̃d] (zero zero zero) (thousand) thow-zand tou-sand
(decimal point) Decimal, (FAA) point DAY-SEE-MAL[26] /ˈdeɪˈsiːˈmæl/ DÈ SI MAL [ˈdɛˈsiˈmal] (decimal) (point) DAY-SEE-MAL DÉ-SI-MAL

Timezone Codes

Time zone name Degrees longitude Designation letter Zone description Offset
Alfa Time Zone 7.5 E to 22.5 E A -1 UTC+01:00
Bravo Time Zone 22.5 E to 37.5 E B -2 UTC+02:00
Charlie Time Zone 37.5 E to 52.5 E C -3 UTC+03:00
Delta Time Zone 52.5 E to 67.5 E D -4 UTC+04:00
Echo Time Zone 67.5 E to 82.5 E E -5 UTC+05:00
Foxtrot Time Zone 82.5 E to 97.5 E F -6 UTC+06:00
Golf Time Zone 97.5 E to 112.5 E G -7 UTC+07:00
Hotel Time Zone 112.5 E to 127.5 E H -8 UTC+08:00
India Time Zone 127.5 E to 142.5 E I -9 UTC+09:00
Kilo Time Zone 142.5 E to 157.5 E K -10 UTC+10:00
Lima Time Zone 157.5 E to 172.5 E L -11 UTC+11:00
Mike Time Zone 172.5 E to 180 M -12 UTC+12:00
November Time Zone 7.5 W to 22.5 W N +1 or -13 UTC−01:00 UTC+13:00
Oscar Time Zone 22.5 W to 37.5 W O +2 UTC−02:00
Papa Time Zone 37.5 W to 52.5 W P +3 UTC−03:00
Quebec Time Zone 52.5 W to 67.5 W Q +4 UTC−04:00
Romeo Time Zone 67.5 W to 82.5 W R +5 UTC−05:00
Sierra Time Zone 82.5 W to 97.5 W S +6 UTC−06:00
Tango Time Zone 97.5 W to 112.5 W T +7 UTC−07:00
Uniform Time Zone 112.5 W to 127.5 W U +8 UTC−08:00
Victor Time Zone 127.5 W to 142.5 W V +9 UTC−09:00
Whiskey Time Zone 142.5 W to 157.5 W W +10 UTC−10:00
X-ray Time Zone 157.5 W to 172.5 W X +11 UTC−11:00
Yankee Time Zone 172.5 W to 180 Y +12 UTC−12:00
Zulu Time Zone 7.5 W to 7.5 E Z 0 UTC+00:00

Phone Codes


  • Testmenü öffnen: *#0*#
  • Erweitertes Testmenü öffnen: *#*#4636*#*#
  • Akkuinformationen anzeigen: *#0228#
  • Servicemenü aufrufen: *#197328640#
  • Firmware- Version abfragen: *#1234#
  • Hardware- Version abfragen: *#2222#
  • USB- Einstellungen: *#0808#
  • Spezialeinstellungen: 3845#*855#
  • Spezialeinstellungen (D855): *#546368#*855#


  • Eigene Rufnummer abfragen (nur Telekom): *135#
  • Eigene Rufnummer von SIM- Karte abfragen: *#5005*74663#
  • SMS- Zentrale abfragen: *#5005*7672#
  • Enhanced Full Rate- Modus aktivieren: *3370#
  • Enhanced Full Rate- Modus deaktivieren: #3370#
  • Half Rate- Modus aktivieren: *4720#
  • Half Rate- Modus deaktivieren: #4720#
  • Feldtestmodus aktivieren: *3001#12345#*
  • SIM Clock Stop- Modus Status: *#746025625#
  • Gerätedetails abfragen: *#*#4636#*#*
  • internen Gerätenamen abfragen: *#1111#
  • Hardware- Revision abfragen: *#2222#
  • schnelles Herunterfahren aktivieren: *#7594#
  • Mailboxeinstellungen abfragen: *#5005*86#

GSM Codes

  • Auslesen der Handy- Seriennummer IMEI: *#06#
  • PIN ändern: **04*(alter PIN)*(neuer PIN)*(neuer PIN)#
  • SIM- Karte mit PUK entsperren: **05*(PUK)*(neuer PIN)*(neuer PIN)#
  • PIN2 ändern: **042*(alter PIN2)*(neuer PIN2)*(neuer PIN2)#
  • PIN2 mit PUK entsperren: **052*(PUK)*(neuer PIN2)*(neuer PIN2)#