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Azure Regions

Understanding Regions is not as easy as one might initally assume. Understanding regions is crucial for a good cloud design and architecture.

Here is a nice Infrastructure Map. According to the azure global-infrastructure we have geography in which there are regions which is a set of data centers:

  • An Azure geography typically contains at least one or more regions, that preserves data residency and compliance boundaries.
  • An Azure region has a discrete pricing and service availability and is a set of data centers, deployed within a latency-defined perimeter and connected through a dedicated regional low-latency network.
  • Azure data centers are unique physical buildings located all over the globe that house a group of networked computer servers.

Aside from this there are multiple names for a region and location, logical and physical locations, different interpretations of geography and IP-Ranges are categorized in Service Tags.

Geography and Regions

The following command shows us all available regions:

az account list-locations -o table

All Regions
DisplayName Name RegionalDisplayName
East US eastus (US) East US
East US 2 eastus2 (US) East US 2
South Central US southcentralus (US) South Central US
West US 2 westus2 (US) West US 2
West US 3 westus3 (US) West US 3
Australia East australiaeast (Asia Pacific) Australia East
Southeast Asia southeastasia (Asia Pacific) Southeast Asia
North Europe northeurope (Europe) North Europe
Sweden Central swedencentral (Europe) Sweden Central
UK South uksouth (Europe) UK South
West Europe westeurope (Europe) West Europe
Central US centralus (US) Central US
North Central US northcentralus (US) North Central US
West US westus (US) West US
South Africa North southafricanorth (Africa) South Africa North
Central India centralindia (Asia Pacific) Central India
East Asia eastasia (Asia Pacific) East Asia
Japan East japaneast (Asia Pacific) Japan East
Jio India West jioindiawest (Asia Pacific) Jio India West
Korea Central koreacentral (Asia Pacific) Korea Central
Canada Central canadacentral (Canada) Canada Central
France Central francecentral (Europe) France Central
Germany West Central germanywestcentral (Europe) Germany West Central
Norway East norwayeast (Europe) Norway East
Switzerland North switzerlandnorth (Europe) Switzerland North
UAE North uaenorth (Middle East) UAE North
Brazil South brazilsouth (South America) Brazil South
Central US (Stage) centralusstage (US) Central US (Stage)
East US (Stage) eastusstage (US) East US (Stage)
East US 2 (Stage) eastus2stage (US) East US 2 (Stage)
North Central US (Stage) northcentralusstage (US) North Central US (Stage)
South Central US (Stage) southcentralusstage (US) South Central US (Stage)
West US (Stage) westusstage (US) West US (Stage)
West US 2 (Stage) westus2stage (US) West US 2 (Stage)
Asia asia Asia
Asia Pacific asiapacific Asia Pacific
Australia australia Australia
Brazil brazil Brazil
Canada canada Canada
Europe europe Europe
France france France
Germany germany Germany
Global global Global
India india India
Japan japan Japan
Korea korea Korea
Norway norway Norway
South Africa southafrica South Africa
Switzerland switzerland Switzerland
United Arab Emirates uae United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom uk United Kingdom
United States unitedstates United States
East Asia (Stage) eastasiastage (Asia Pacific) East Asia (Stage)
Southeast Asia (Stage) southeastasiastage (Asia Pacific) Southeast Asia (Stage)
Central US EUAP centraluseuap (US) Central US EUAP
East US 2 EUAP eastus2euap (US) East US 2 EUAP
West Central US westcentralus (US) West Central US
South Africa West southafricawest (Africa) South Africa West
Australia Central australiacentral (Asia Pacific) Australia Central
Australia Central 2 australiacentral2 (Asia Pacific) Australia Central 2
Australia Southeast australiasoutheast (Asia Pacific) Australia Southeast
Japan West japanwest (Asia Pacific) Japan West
Jio India Central jioindiacentral (Asia Pacific) Jio India Central
Korea South koreasouth (Asia Pacific) Korea South
South India southindia (Asia Pacific) South India
West India westindia (Asia Pacific) West India
Canada East canadaeast (Canada) Canada East
France South francesouth (Europe) France South
Germany North germanynorth (Europe) Germany North
Norway West norwaywest (Europe) Norway West
Switzerland West switzerlandwest (Europe) Switzerland West
UK West ukwest (Europe) UK West
UAE Central uaecentral (Middle East) UAE Central
Brazil Southeast brazilsoutheast (South America) Brazil Southeast

We can filter all regions of a given geography e.g. Europe:

az account list-locations --query "[? contains(regionalDisplayName,'(Europe)')]" -o table

Regions in Europe
Name DisplayName RegionalDisplayName
northeurope North Europe (Europe) North Europe
swedencentral Sweden Central (Europe) Sweden Central
uksouth UK South (Europe) UK South
westeurope West Europe (Europe) West Europe
francecentral France Central (Europe) France Central
germanywestcentral Germany West Central (Europe) Germany West Central
norwayeast Norway East (Europe) Norway East
switzerlandnorth Switzerland North (Europe) Switzerland North
francesouth France South (Europe) France South
germanynorth Germany North (Europe) Germany North
norwaywest Norway West (Europe) Norway West
switzerlandwest Switzerland West (Europe) Switzerland West
ukwest UK West (Europe) UK West

To get an overview of all locations we can run the following command:

az account list-locations --query "[?metadata.regionType=='Physical'] .{Geography:metadata.geographyGroup, RegionName:name, PairedRegion:metadata.pairedRegion[0].name, Location:metadata.physicalLocation, lat:metadata.latitude, long:metadata.longitude}" -o table

All Locations
Geography RegionName PairedRegion Location Lat Long
US eastus westus Virginia 37.3719 -79.8164
US eastus2 centralus Virginia 36.6681 -78.3889
US southcentralus northcentralus Texas 29.4167 -98.5
US westus2 westcentralus Washington 47.233 -119.852
US westus3 eastus Phoenix 33.448376 -112.074036
Asia Pacific australiaeast australiasoutheast New South Wales -33.86 151.2094
Asia Pacific southeastasia eastasia Singapore 1.283 103.833
Europe northeurope westeurope Ireland 53.3478 -6.2597
Europe swedencentral swedensouth Gävle 60.67488 17.14127
Europe uksouth ukwest London 50.941 -0.799
Europe westeurope northeurope Netherlands 52.3667 4.9
US centralus eastus2 Iowa 41.5908 -93.6208
US northcentralus southcentralus Illinois 41.8819 -87.6278
US westus eastus California 37.783 -122.417
Africa southafricanorth southafricawest Johannesburg -25.731340 28.218370
Asia Pacific centralindia southindia Pune 18.5822 73.9197
Asia Pacific eastasia southeastasia Hong Kong 22.267 114.188
Asia Pacific japaneast japanwest Tokyo, Saitama 35.68 139.77
Asia Pacific jioindiawest jioindiacentral Jamnagar 22.470701 70.05773
Asia Pacific koreacentral koreasouth Seoul 37.5665 126.9780
Canada canadacentral canadaeast Toronto 43.653 -79.383
Europe francecentral francesouth Paris 46.3772 2.3730
Europe germanywestcentral germanynorth Frankfurt 50.110924 8.682127
Europe norwayeast norwaywest Norway 59.913868 10.752245
Europe switzerlandnorth switzerlandwest Zurich 47.451542 8.564572
Middle East uaenorth uaecentral Dubai 25.266666 55.316666
South America brazilsouth southcentralus Sao Paulo State -23.55 -46.633
US centraluseuap eastus2euap 41.5908 -93.6208
US eastus2euap centraluseuap 36.6681 -78.3889
US westcentralus westus2 Wyoming 40.890 -110.234
Africa southafricawest southafricanorth Cape Town -34.075691 18.843266
Asia Pacific australiacentral australiacentral Canberra -35.3075 149.1244
Asia Pacific australiacentral2 australiacentral2 Canberra -35.3075 149.1244
Asia Pacific australiasoutheast australiaeast Victoria -37.8136 144.9631
Asia Pacific japanwest japaneast Osaka 34.6939 135.5022
Asia Pacific jioindiacentral jioindiawest Nagpur 21.146633 79.08886
Asia Pacific koreasouth koreacentral Busan 35.1796 129.0756
Asia Pacific southindia centralindia Chennai 12.9822 80.1636
Asia Pacific westindia southindia Mumbai 19.088 72.868
Canada canadaeast canadacentral Quebec 46.817 -71.217
Europe francesouth francecentral Marseille 43.8345 2.1972
Europe germanynorth germanywestcentral Berlin 53.073635 8.806422
Europe norwaywest norwayeast Norway 58.969975 5.733107
Europe switzerlandwest switzerlandnorth Geneva 46.204391 6.143158
Europe ukwest uksouth Cardiff 53.427 -3.084
Middle East uaecentral uaenorth Abu Dhabi 24.466667 54.366669
South America brazilsoutheast brazilsouth Rio -22.90278 -43.2075

The list-locations result also has "logical" instead of physical entries which seems to include staging regions and/or location categories.

Running this command we only get logical locations:

az account list-locations --query "[?metadata.regionType=='Logical']" -o table
All logical locations
Name DisplayName RegionalDisplayName
centralusstage Central US (Stage) (US) Central US (Stage)
eastusstage East US (Stage) (US) East US (Stage)
eastus2stage East US 2 (Stage) (US) East US 2 (Stage)
northcentralusstage North Central US (Stage) (US) North Central US (Stage)
southcentralusstage South Central US (Stage) (US) South Central US (Stage)
westusstage West US (Stage) (US) West US (Stage)
westus2stage West US 2 (Stage) (US) West US 2 (Stage)
asia Asia Asia
asiapacific Asia Pacific Asia Pacific
australia Australia Australia
brazil Brazil Brazil
canada Canada Canada
europe Europe Europe
france France France
germany Germany Germany
global Global Global
india India India
japan Japan Japan
korea Korea Korea
norway Norway Norway
southafrica South Africa South Africa
switzerland Switzerland Switzerland
uae United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
uk United Kingdom United Kingdom
unitedstates United States United States
eastasiastage East Asia (Stage) (Asia Pacific) East Asia (Stage)
southeastasiastage Southeast Asia (Stage) (Asia Pacific) Southeast Asia (Stage)

According to azure global-infrastructure

Geographies Part 1

txt Africa Asia Pacific Australia Austria Azure Government Brazil Canada Chile China Denmark Europe France Germany Greece India Indonesia Israel Italy Japan Korea Malaysia Mexico New Zealand Norway Poland Qatar Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States

The command az account list-locations | jq 'map(.metadata.geographyGroup)' | sort | uniq returns the following unique list of geographies:

Geographies Part 2

txt Africa Asia Pacific Canada Europe Middle East null South America US

null shows that not all entries have a geographyGroup defined.

Azure Public IPs

Azure Public IPs where initially categorized by service tag, service and region. The list also includes IPv6 Addresses for some services and regions.

This Documentation shows how to Allowed IP addresses and domain URLs.

Download Public IPs

Download all Public IP per service tag as a json file here:

The files are updated every week. Here is a history of some timestamps of the shared public IPs:

Date Public US Gov Germany China
2017-09-11 download N/A N/A N/A
2018-01-11 download N/A download download
2019-06-17 download N/A N/A N/A
2020-08-24 download N/A download N/A
2021-08-16 download download download download
2021-09-20 download N/A N/A N/A
2021-11-01 download download download N/A
2022-08-10 download download download download
2022-09-12 download download download download
2024-06-24 download download download download

Further (deprecated) Files

Location Names

Aside Azure Public IPs using different terms e.g. Service Tags instead of regions and different microsoft sources listing different geografy sets and associated regions there are various names and short names:

Location Names
Continent Country Name Location Short Name Short Name (Country First)
Africa South Africa North southafricanorth sfno sfno
Africa South Africa West southafricawest sfwe sfwe
Asia East Asia eastasia eaas asea
Asia Southeast Asia southeastasia seas assoea
Asia Japan Japan West japanwest jawe jawe
Asia Japan Japan East japaneast jaea jaea
Asia India South India southindia soin inso
Asia India Central India centralindia cnin incn
Asia India West India westindia wein inwe
Asia Korea Korea Central koreacentral krcn krcn
Asia Korea Korea South koreasouth krso krso
Asia United Arab Emirates UAE Central uaecentral aecn aecn
Asia United Arab Emirates UAE North uaenorth aeno aeno
Australia Australia Australia East australiaeast auea auea
Australia Australia Australia Southeast australiasoutheast ause ause
Australia Australia Australia Central australiacentral aucn aucn
Australia Australia Australia Central 2 australiacentral2 aucn2 aucn3
Europe North Europe northeurope noeu euno
Europe West Europe westeurope weeu euwe
Europe United Kingdom UK South uksouth ukso ukso
Europe United Kingdom UK West ukwest ukwe ukwe
Europe France France Central francecentral frcn frcn
Europe France France South francesouth frso frso
Europe Swizterland Switzerland North switzerlandnorth chno chno
Europe Swizterland Switzerland West switzerlandwest chwe chwe
Europe Germany Germany North germanynorth deno deno
Europe Germany Germany West Central germanywestcentral dewecn dewecn
Europe Norway Norway West norwaywest nowe nowe
Europe Norway Norway East norwayeast noea noea
North America United States Central US centralus cnus uscn
North America United States East US eastus eaus usea
North America United States East US 2 eastus2 eaus2 usea2
North America United States West US westus weus uswe
North America United States North Central US northcentralus nocnus usnocn
North America United States South Central US southcentralus socnus ussocn
North America Central America Canada Central canadacentral cacn cacn
North America Central America Canada East canadaeast caea caea
North America United States West Central US westcentralus wecnus uswecn
North America United States West US 2 westus2 weus2 uswe2
South America Brazil Brazil South brazilsouth brso brso