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Lego Pixel-Art

Creating Pixel Art

Legofy makes images look as if they are made out of 1x1 LEGO blocks.

I tested some settings and after 128px the image looks better dither set to "on".

Install legofy with pip:

pip install legofy

I tried the following 4 options:

legofy --size 32 --no-dither --palette all 0xfab1.png 0xfab1_lego32.png
legofy --size 64 --no-dither --palette all 0xfab1.png 0xfab1_lego64.png
legofy --size 128 --dither --palette all 0xfab1.png 0xfab1_lego128.png
legofy --size 256 --dither --palette all 0xfab1.png 0xfab1_lego256.png

This gets big and expensive quickly; so lets check when the chosen picture looks good enough:

32x32 0xfab1_lego

64x64 0xfab1_lego

128x128 0xfab1_lego

256x256 0xfab1_lego