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Here are some possibilities to support me.

Thanks for all the fish!


Support this website by reporting an issue.

Let me know if something is wrong, could be improved, is a problem in any way (please explain why).

I'm am happy for any input/feedback but may take a while to respond.


Support me via liberapay, patreon or by transferring money to one of these crypto currency accounts:

  • Bitcoin: 1DGPKnZ6VuHD4R93dL96QpvpuTvttandpW
  • Ethereum: 0x11b8881E57EA61810b44053Fc70fc3B6658A84dB
  • zcash: t1StvTKicuaTshVTkyxqS6tN7CsD9fU39uo
  • Litecoin: LMfELCzKSvpUVgq5hGzV3p8h9Hz3DXR2eV
  • Filecoin: f12zguoe44sdjov5lfkrgulpd75zruvp5zclmx4cq


Support others, which I support: